384-1.5GT BELT

Samsung Spare parts: 384-1.5GT BELT
PART NO: 384-1.5GT

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We offer all brand SMT spare parts ,such as feeder parts , machine parts , nozzles, filter, dispensor, belt, Feeder Carts, AI part ,etc.
We have good source and large ready stock for major brand SMT automotive spare parts Brand:Fuji,Hitachi/Sanyo,Juki,Panasonic(KME),Assembleon/Phillips,Sanyo,SIPLACE/SIEMENS, Universal, DEK , I pulse ,and Yamaha.

Samsung parts for sales instore :
Belt J6602028A
Belt J6602027A
Belt J6602026A
Belt J6602069A
Belt J6602070A
Belt J6602071A
Belt J90551232A 384-1.5GT
Belt J66021017A MC05-900068
Belt J66021018A MC05-900069
Belt J66021019A MC05-900070
Belt J66021201AA
Belt J6602075A
Belt J6602074A
Belt J81001346A
Belt J6602018A
Belt J6602045A
Belt J6602072A
Belt J6602046A
Belt J6602022A
Belt J6602064A
Belt J81001348A

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