GS-SMT LTD expands Fuji NXT III new H24 nozzle product line

Leading precision components and SMT accessories suppliers. We announced the expansion of the FUJI NXT H24 SMT chip mounter nozzle series.

The new high-speed head from Fuji has increased productivity compared to previous models. Our standard nozzles allow this chip mounter to provide higher reliability and performance on the Fuji NXT III platform.

On each machine, the Fuji NXT interchangeable head supports almost all surface mount component types. And to achieve high-speed chip components and special-shaped component placement. Each our Fuji NXT nozzle has both raw data two-dimensional code and OEM color two-dimensional code for user and machine software to identify the nozzle.

We offer all standard sizes of suction nozzles for the following Fuji NXT mounter.

– H01 – 36mm disc (1.0mm – 20.0mm; including standard and MELF)

– H04 – 19mm disc (1.0mm – 15.0mm; including ceramic, standard and MELF)

– H08 / H12 – 9mm disc (0.3mm – 5.0mm; including ceramic, standard and MELF)

– H24 – 4.7mm disc (0.3mm – 2.5mm ceramic nozzle)

– H08M & H04S is also available on request.


We can also provide custom design nozzles for OEMs based on customer and application specific requirements. As well as special nozzle design for special-shaped components (LEDs, connectors, pins, clamps, fixtures, etc.) For your automated custom component process, We have the ability to make the nozzle fit for your application.


All SMT nozzles and consumables are guaranteed to work properly with the original equipment. Each of our products produced by our company has a 100% satisfaction

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